What's a typical Safee day?

and what it takes to be a Safee member!


6/28/20232 min read

A lot of read pieces could be posted on how Safee app is the truckie's best E Logbook companion, but there's nothing better than showcasing the whole experience, then make you live it with a no-credit-card-no-commitment-14-day-trial that won't be around for long!

This blog post will illustrate a typical day with Safee, with focus on the Work/Rest switch, and time monitoring.

The day starts when the driver switches to work after taking the min 7 hours rest. Time Spent = 10 Seconds

Then the day goes by switching between Work and Rest and checking activity monitor

While the driver is busy doing their actual job and not having to calculate, they can check all calculations of all periods, and also future rests easily from the "activity monitor" that calculates everything automatically, in the moment, no matter how crazy your day goes, enabling proper journey planning and timely and informed response to any undesirable event, be it delay, breakdown, or simply locating next rest area. See first hand wha the magical @ button does:

Tap Picture to see individually

What does that mean to you as a driver?. More time and more mental space to do the things that matter most in your business.

How do you learn it?. You don't need to, it's intuitive. Our data shows that drivers need only 3 days to be masters.

How do You start?. Download the app and sign up from the below buttons. Welcome to the club!