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E Logbook for Australia Truck Drivers so they Peacefully Work & Rest

”I have 30 years experience in the transport industry. Safee App is a real game changer for the transport driver. It does all the work for you, from repetitive daily entries in a logbook to all the calculations. Best app I've used. I'll never use a paper logbook again”

”I have Been using Safee app for almost 2 months now. Very user friendly, a lot more efficient than a paper diary, easy to find help if unsure of anything. After using this, I would not go back to a paper work diary.”

What Safee members say

”I was looking for ages for a simple easy way to sign up and use EWD, Safee does it all. I especially love the response time and how quickly any minor technical issues were sorted.”




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My electronic records go straight to NHVR, is that right?

No, NHVR has no access to your records. Your records are yours. You decide with who you share them. If NHVR would like to see your records, they'll ask you to provide them.

I must cease using the paper logbook immediately when I start on Safee App?

No, you cease paper when you declare in the app the date that you'd like the E logbook to be your legal one. Until that time your paper logbook is your legal one and you must keep it up.

Safee E Logbook tracks and dictates my location and time entries?

Wrong, you have total freedom over entries including editing and deleting them. Safee E Logbook has made it ultra easy to do your records by using map for location, time pickers for time entries, and auto calculations so you enjoy coffee.


Safee E logbook costs me more?

Excluding GST that you claim back because the logbook is a business expense, Safee is the most economical amongst paper logbook and any other accredited or non accredited E logbook.

Safee works only for owner drivers?

No, Safee works for any fleet size additional to owner drivers. However, it's most optimised for owner drivers and small fleets, while Large fleets is under optimisation.

Sending my logbook entries to my business stakeholders is daunting?

Not at all. If a stakeholder needs a continuous access to your records, you can assign them as record keepers. Otherwise you can use the one-time-share and select what data to share/not to share.