Well, until he met Yasir>                                  A bomb software engineer, who believed in the cause, rolled sleeves up, and dug in the dirt with Zaya.

< Zaya is a passionate supply chain & logistics professional who's worked in the industry from the bottom up and have always been pro excellence. Over his 16 years in the job, he was annoyed by the deterioration of heavy trucking, and has had multiple attempts to fix the problem but failed!

Perfecting operational, regulatory, and simplicity requirements gathered from 1,000+ heavy truck drivers, they delivered Safee app: a fully-NHVR-accredited app that empowers truck drivers to be compliant and productive at the same time.

We believe we can do it

Zaya & Andrew are taking early expressions of interest from investors and early employees. Tell us you're interested and we'll let you know what we're up to.