Welcoming Bus Drivers

to Safee E Logbook


8/16/20232 min read

Mid June, Redlands-based Blue Bus Owner and Operator, Geoff, contacted Safee through the Contact Us form asking if Safee is an NHVR-Accredited E Logbook for bus drivers. The answer was definitely yes, but for our dear bus drivers, the Activity Monitor wasn’t ready at that time, which was a major turn off when bus drivers try the app out!

Then we though to ourselves, let’s:

· Tutor Geoff on the app use without the Activity Monitor.

· Prioritise that and extend Safee footprint to Bus Drivers.

In a matter of a 40-min video call, Geoff has been tutored on the app use and been told that although the Activity Monitor for bus drivers is not their yet, We’d like Geoff to try out the app for as much as he can for free, which he did. Not surprisingly, the app use wasn’t continuous and knowing the fatigue compliance stand at a glance wasn’t possible.

Then in 4 weeks time the Activity Monitor has been brought to life and Geoff was informed with a one-month free boost as a gratitude to his initiative and input to our queries about the specific logbook needs of bus drivers. Then, beginning of August we saw Geoff binging a 1-Year subscription!. It was a happy moment for the whole team as we felt that the Compliant, Productive, Profitable promise is being delivered by Safee continuously.

One major lesson we learned is that not all bus drivers require the logbook everyday which was a waste of money when acquiring the paper logbook, so we extended our subscription length offering to as little as 2 days for those drivers (whether Bus or Truck) who run over the 100Km from their base intermittently. We also learned that similar to trucking, bus transport business is full of small operators that are working every day to cover the passenger transport needs of intercity and urban lines, and Safee can’t be happier to support them with the various subscription options that they can choose to achieve their fatigue management compliance needs.

Knowing, supporting and celebrating these operators is also as important by the wider community, many small bus companies offer the comfort, professionalism, and flexibility to accommodate a wide range of touring needs for groups of all ages and touring interests. For example Blue bus provides a range of 37-57 passenger buses, well equipped with the needs of short and long tours. Such a fantastic family business that’s been operating since the 80s. You can reach to them through their website and talk about your touring needs with the owner themselves to get offer and advice to make your group tour a fantastic one 😊

Once again, to all bus drivers, welcome to Safee club!

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