I'm a record keeper, what's in it for me?

Live, easy view that's always improving


6/19/20232 min read

Truck drivers deal with several stakeholders during a load transport process and everyone of these stakeholders is part of the chain of responsibility (CoR) that must do what is reasonably possible and necessary to ensure a safe transport task. But just before talking about what benefits record keepers get to enjoy at Safee, check if the law definition of record keeper applies to you:

The record keeper, as per HVNL, is :

  • The driver himself if they're an owner driver.

  • The operator that holds BFM or AFM accreditation, or holds an exemption.

  • The employer of the driver is the driver if not self employed.

  • A person that controls or directs the use of the heavy vehicle. Yes, that's you Transport Operations Managers, supervisors, coordinators, planners, compliance managers, and even customers! (Well, you direct the vehicle use by setting the loading slots and delivery windows, right?)

As a record keeper, you have a live access to your drivers records on Safee web portal, whether you're reviewing past compliance, current day status, or planning future scenarios. records get displayed in a paper logbook fashion that you're accustomed to:

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On display as well are:

  • Tabular view of Work & Rest change times (downloadable to Excel as well along with locations & odometer).

  • Officer Annotations if any.

  • Photos of driver operational notes.

Record keepers sign up to the system after receiving an invitation via email when drivers enter their info in their Safee app record keeper info section. Record keepers on Safee are not charged for the demonstrated view nor they will be charged in the next upgraded view.

Record keepers as well are using the exclusive Activity Monitor of Safee sent from drivers, as a cheat sheet to quickly check the status, and at a glance, plan drivers times, especially towards the end of the week, by having the drivers share their activity monitor with them:

Safee technology team is working hard in the background to transform the record keeper view to a dynamic one in the next few months to allow transport operations and compliance people to get insights literally at their finger tips for make better decisions about the operations productivity and compliance at once.

If you are a transport operations or compliance worker, what features you'd love Safee to make available to you to make your work easier?. Let us know by commenting on our Facebook or Linkedin pages.