I must cease using my paper logbook immediately as I start on Safee E Logbook. *WRONG*

There is a stress-free way of doing it, and it's 100% legal

5/12/20233 min read

The law says you may not use 2 logbooks at the same time. That's correct, but almost all Australian truck drivers don't know the rest of the sentence which is "as primary means of keeping records"

Hang on!. Do you mean that I can still use my paper logbook as I'm warming up with Safee E Logbook?

SURE YOU CAN. Here's how:

Primary and Secondary means of keeping records

Keeping up the paper logbook requires lots of physical and mental effort at all times, and it's common to find an Australian truck driver using an app to keep his sanity, and a paper logbook to record everything on it at the end of the day copying the data that they logged in the app. This is exactly the scenario of the paper logbook being the Primary means of keeping records, and the app being the secondary means of keeping records. When intercepted, the paper logbook is the one presented because it's the primary means of keeping records. i.e. the LEGAL one.

When switching to Safee E logbook, it's the same scenario, with the exception that your goal at the end is to make Safee E logbook your Primary and legal logbook, and...that's it. Just Safee E logbook, no paper one!, which means no more double doing the same thing; saving you time, effort, mental space, and money $$.

Practically, Drivers have been doing it in 2 ways:

(1) Run Safee besides paper logbook, Declare Safee as Primary after 28 days

In this scenario, the driver has opted to lean on the intuitive way to operate Safee E logbook. with its simple, intuitive, yet powerful features, the driver takes his time learning by doing. Over 28 days period, the driver would have mastered the use and witnessed how Safee E Logbook makes his life easier. Then they declare the switch from WWD to EWD (Written to Electronic Work Diary); a feature that is in the app. The 28 days significance lies in the drivers' ability to not carry the paper logbook with them because they've got 28 days of records in the app, which is the minimum period of records required to be carried with the driver at any time.

(2) Run Safee immediately as Primary and declare that in the app, keep the paper logbook in the cab until 28 days of history are in Safee app

The difference in this scenario is that the driver is opting to show Safee app to the officer when intercepted, hands in his worksheets via email sent to his record keeper and/or giving his record keeper a constant online access to his records. In short putting Safee to full use from day one.

Practically speaking, This way is better because:

  • You don't have to double record in the paper logbook and the app for 28 days.

  • You don't have to pay twice for logbooks: paper and electronic.

  • You don't have to double worry learning the E Logbook, and up keeping the paper logbook.

Wait a minute!. How can I be a master of Safee E Logbook app from day one?

It's by binging the app functionality in 20 minutes only on Safee's YouTube Channel:

and occasionally, leaning on the user manual that you have its download link in the app's main menu, or simply talking to Team Safee on 0478 900 144.