How to choose an E Logbook, an Advice no one will tell ya


5/19/20233 min read

When you're looking around for an E Logbook, you'll get flooded with ads jumpscaring you all around the internet.

There are common traits to them: They scare the reader of Chain of Responsibility, they promise the achievement of compliance to fatigue management rules, and they say they are easy to use, but are they? and are these the only points to look at?

Know the complexity
Think Long term
As for the paper logbook, the minimum period to keep the E Logbook data is also 3 years. The fact the data storage in an E Logbook is invisible, doesn't mean it's not there, and here's your strategic problem. You should know whether or not your E Logbook provider:
  • Charges you separately for storage of your data, when subscribed to their service.

  • Charges you separately for storage of your data, if you decided to change them.

  • Charges you for data storage for 3 years, if you decided to leave them.

  • Charges you for pulling out your data and saving it yourself, if you decided to leave them

  • Allows you to pull out your data and save it yourself, if you decided to leave them

Mind bugging, eh?

Well, Safee:

  • Doesn't charge you for your data storage.

  • Doesn't charge you if you decided to leave them.

  • Doesn't charge you a 3-year-data-storage if you decided to leave them.

  • Doesn't charge you for pulling out all your data, in the rare event you decided to stop using an E Logbook.

  • Allows you to pull out all your data, in the rare event you decided to stop using an E Logbook.

With Safee's consideration to the needs of immediate intuitivety, mid-term device flexibility, and long term data storage, no wonder the best choice is to hit the following button and trust Safee to your best interest: 

There are 4 main characteristics of the E Logbook that you need to be aware of ahead of any choice:
  1. Accreditation: If the E Logbook is accredited, you have the guarantee of correct calculations and paper logbook needlessness. If not then, you're risking untested calculations and you must keep up the paper log book besides the non accredited E Logbook. Safee is NHVR Accredited so you enjoy 1 subscription, 1 Clean Log, 1 Cost.

  2. Device Dependency: An E Logbook that holds a Device-Agnostic accreditation is less costly and simple, while one that holds a Device-Specific Accreditation is more costly because you must buy the specific device, and is complex in tricky situations, like, one of Safee members in QLD called Safee support the other day and said: "I dropped my mobile phone in the camp fire!". Safee support replied: "Well, no worries. When you buy your next mobile phone, just download Safee app and login". "What?" , "Yea :)", and support case closed. Safee is Device-Agnostic-Accredited by NHVR.

  3. OS-Dependency: Does the E Logbook work on iOS (Apple), or Android (Google) device?. An OS-Agnostic E Logbook won't stand a barrier between you and your device preference, while the OS-Specific does. Safee is OS-Agnostic. BYO device and enjoy.

  4. Intuitivity: Being a truckie in Australia is no easy job. You drive, repair, clean, fix mistakes of office people, observe the weather, observe the traffic, and what not. Add to that a clumsy E logbook and going bananas is guaranteed. In the first place, an E Logbook must be better than the paper and works as you expect, not as the provider expects you to operate it. Safee is the kind of E Logbook that you feel very familiar with from first record. This by itself is a topic worth addressing in another blog post.

As an owner driver who can make their own choice, our best advice to you is to stick by the yellow area of the above infograph, where Safee is.