7/20/20233 min read

Recording under 2UP rules is now enabled and is awaiting input. On the timeline, you'll see the separation indicator between previous fatigue management option and the 2UP option. Smartly, counting time periods according to 2UP rules doesn't start unless the first work on the 2UP option is started. So, there's no worry about when you should set the 2 UP arrangement. You can do it just before starting a 2 UP task, or do it the night before, Safee app is smartly developed to relief you from overthinking the logbook. See the timeline pushes the the 2UP line separation until the first 2UP Work is started (red line is indicates that 2 UP is in effect):

Switching drivers usually happens when one is starting Rest as a result of maxing their hours, so the second driver has to jump on the wheel. When the drivers are working on the same device, this is accomplished by simply hitting the "Driver Switch" button. That saves first driver data and logs them out, and enables the login of the 2nd driver:

Ending the 2UP arrangement is straightforward through Work Diary Settings again. Select "Solo" and hit confirm, and Safee will take care of ending the 2UP calculations and starting a whole new counting according to the new fatigue option selected. It's worth mentioning that if the 2nd driver still uses a paper logbook, then entering their Work Diary number and adding page numbers of the 2 UP arrangement is available through the 2UP driver section that is in the Work Diary Settings screen.

Finally, Starting in solo mode whether on Standard or BFM Fatigue Management rules is a breeze. With same smarts applied, solo mode will kick off when first work is started:

If you know of a couple that drive together or friends who use this option a lot, help them out by sharing this post with them and tell them they're invited to Safee Club. They will be so thankful :)

Driving in a 2UP team in Australia is common. It's normal to have a transport task that starts at the cape and ends at the tip of the continent!. 2UP driving enables a faster delivery, minimum truck idleness, faster trip back to base, and more business if the 2UP arrangement extends over a long period of time, a usual 'working couple' scene.

2Upping has its own fatigue management rules for Standard and BFM. Drivers in a 2UP task can opt to workout their fatigue management records each on their own device, or on one device for both. The blog will focus today on the one device operation for 2Uppers detailing the:

  • 2UP initiation.

  • 2UP Recording.

  • 2UP Driver Switching.

  • 2UP Ending.

Initiation of 2UP arrangement start from the work diary settings where the Driver option is set to "2UP" and "Confirm" button is hit. This triggers the 2UP Driver form completion. After filling the form and confirming, the second driver information appear in the Work Diary Settings screen as in this snapshot (tap to view enlarged view):